About me.

My name is Charlie Barrett and if there’s two things I love its travelling and classic cars. Travelling has been a passion of mine since I first worked abroad in Germany in 1999. Since then a love of adventure and an interest in culture has taken me to six continents. In recent years I have been seeing more of Africa and the road took me to Madagascar in 2018. Out of this came my book on my adventures there and an idea to combine classic cars and travel.

The craftspeople of rural Madagascar make amazing models of old classic cars including the Citroen 2cv, Renault 4 and Volkswagen Kombi.

They also model vehicles more unique to Africa like the bush taxi, rickshaws and cycle rickshaw. On my second trip to Madagascar in 2019 I went and met the makers of these models in their village outside the nations capital Antananarivo. We struck up a business arrangement where they provided me with models and I paid a fair price for their goods in a business arrangement that will be sustainable well into the future.


Charlie Barrett