Model Tuk Tuk 15cm


Tuk Tuks are used all around Madagascar and outnumber taxis in regional towns and cities. A fantastic way to get around the air breezes through the doors keeping the occupant cool in the daytime heat.

The crafts people I work with in Madagascar have made some examples of model tuk tuks for me. Each one is crafted from recycled materials by tinsmiths in the villages around the Madagascan capital Antananarivo. The parts are cut without use of a template before being soldered together, making each Tuk Tuk completely unique. For this reason I have photographed each separately and put them on as individual listings.

Wheels turn

Made completely of recycled metal

Ideal for office, home, garage, café

Lovely gift for Birthdays, Christmas or Fathers Day

I have personally met the people who make these models and and pay a fair price for the crafts they produce. Information booklet included with each example.

15cm in length. Size may vary slightly


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